How Much Should Contractors Pay for Drone Services?

Drones are starting to become mandatory equipment on construction sites for a lot of very good reasons. Drones allow project managers to see the progress of a project and identify ways to speed up production without sacrificing safety. Drones can help create 3D models that can be sent to job owners to give a realistic view of project progress, and drones can also help enhance safety and security on a job site. But should contractors buy their own drones, or outsource their drone needs? If they outsource, how much should they pay?


Drone technology is something best left to the professionals.

DIY Versus Outsourcing

On the surface, it can sound simple and tempting to hire a certified drone pilot and buy a drone to get your drone work done, but it is not that easy. The federal and state regulations surrounding drones are constantly changing, and the equipment needs also tend to change as more regulations are put in place. A construction company could be wasting a lot of money as it tries to navigate its way through developing a legal drone operation that meets all criteria.

Operating a drone requires an intimate knowledge of airspace laws, the computer technology involved in drones, and how the software can be maximized. There is also a need to have someone on staff who can constantly update and change drone software to meet the construction company’s needs. When it is all said and done, it is a much better idea for construction companies to outsource their drone needs as opposed to doing drone work in-house.

Measuring Your Needs

Outsourcing drone needs can be tricky because the drone industry is so new that a standard table of rates simply does not exist. That means that construction companies need to be a little knowledgeable on what they need and how much it should cost. For example, hiring a drone company to do security sweeps is less expensive than hiring a drone company to do detailed surveys of a job site. When you are looking for drone services, you need to have a comprehensive list of the services you need to help put together a price that is fair.

What Output Do You Need?

If you want a drone company to create 3D images and even 3D printouts of your job site, then that is going to cost more than asking for a daily inventory of supplies and on-site equipment. Drones are being used to monitor the movements of employees to make job sites safer, and those types of precise services are going to be more expensive than standard sweeps around the property once or twice an hour.


A good drone company can help your construction firm to generate more profit.

What Kind Of Relationship Are You Looking For?

Are you looking to hire a drone company for one part of one project, or are you looking for an ongoing relationship? Since drone outsourcing is so new, a construction company stands to get better pricing if they commit to using drone technology through one company as opposed to using various companies to do different parts of projects. The chances are that you will be able to find a contractor who can do everything you need to do under one roof, and that will save you money.

The drone industry is just getting started, but you can start a course with PDH Contractors to stay up on the latest developments. With PDH Contractors, you will be able to understand the best values in drone outsourcing and do a better job of negotiating agreements with drone companies.




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