Wisconsin Dwelling Contractors

PDH Contractors Academy partners with Wisconsin Contractors Institute to offer continuing education courses for Wisconsin contractors.  These continuing education courses are approved for your Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license. Courses are offered both online and via home study. Dwelling Contractor Qualifiers are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Wisconsin Contractors institute will report your contractor continuing education hours directly to the state of Wisconsin.

You can contact Wisconsin Contractors Institute by calling (262)409-4282, emailing wicontractorinstitute@gmail.com or visiting the website at www.wicontractorinstitute.com.

Still got questions about Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor education requirements? Read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive!

What is the difference between the Dwelling Contractor license and the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license?

In order to pull a building permit in Wisconsin, you must hold a Dwelling Contractor and Dwelling Contractor Qualifier certification. The Dwelling Contractor license is for the business. You just need to pay an annual fee and show proof of insurance in order to obtain and maintain this license. The Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license is an individual license. To maintain this license, you must complete 12 hours of continuing education and pay the license fee every other year.

Do you offer the 12 hours of continuing education every 2 years to maintain the contractor license?

Yes. We have many online and home study courses approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services to fulfill your 12-hour continuing education requirement.

How do I become a Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier?

You must take an initial 12-hour course approved by the state of Wisconsin. After you pass the course, you need to mail in your completion certificate along with your application to the state. Click here to learn more about the Wisconsin Contractors Institute’s approved 12-hour Initial Qualifier Course.

Do you offer any Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier continuing education that is not online or by correspondence?

We only offer online and home study continuing education to renew your Wisconsin contractor license. We do not offer any classroom continuing education courses for contractors. We find that most students prefer to complete their education online on their computer, smartphone, or tablet – or out of our course booklet.

Do you provide me with a certificate of completion when I finish your continuing education course?

Yes, all students who complete our Wisconsin dwelling contractor continuing education courses will receive a certificate of completion. We can either email, mail, or fax the certificate. If you complete the course online, you will be able to immediately download your certificate.

Do your report my hours to Wisconsin after I complete my course?

Yes. Once you complete the course, we will report your continuing education hours to the state of Wisconsin within 1 business day of completion.

Do you renew my Wisconsin license for me?

No. Completing your continuing education credits does not complete the renewal of your license. Once you have completed all of your required continuing education, you must pay the Department of Safety and Professional Services the license renewal fees, as we cannot do that for you.

Can I take this course on my phone?

Yes, our courses are mobile-compatible. You can finish your continuing education with ease using your phone, tablet, or computer.

What if I still have questions about completing my Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier continuing education courses?

That’s no problem. Just call our continuing education specialist at 262-409-4282 or email us at wicontractorsinstitute@gmail.com and we can walk you through what you need to do to complete your Wisconsin contractor qualifier continuing education requirements.

No matter where you are in Wisconsin, PDH offers the continuing education courses you need. Start a course today!