4 Summer Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Working in extremely hot conditions can be dangerous for anyone, but the danger escalates for construction workers who are out in the heat all day and working hard. It is essential that construction companies have safety policies in place to keep workers safe during the hot weather, and regular training sessions during the summer to make sure everyone knows what to do if the heat starts to have a negative effect on a worker’s health.

Construction workers with yellow reflective vests smoothing out gravel.

It is essential for construction companies to protect workers from the summer heat.

The Dangers Of Working In The Heat

Heat exhaustion and sunburns are the two most dangerous parts of working in the summer heat. If you notice a co-worker who says they feel cold in the intense heat, is experiencing headaches, and has nausea, then that could be heat exhaustion. You should get that person into a shaded area and get them cold water. It is vital that they get medical attention as quickly as possible.

Severe sunburns can sneak up on workers who are toiling out in the sun, and they can become so intense that the only treatment is to rush that person to a hospital burn unit. The primary signs of intense sunburns are red skin that might even be bubbling, disorientation, and nausea. As with heat exhaustion, it is important to get someone with a severe sunburn into a cool and shaded area, get them cold water to drink, and get them medical attention immediately.

Dress For The Heat

A construction worker can significantly reduce the chances of heat-related injuries by dressing properly for the hot weather.  This means wearing light-colored clothing that is lightweight and loose fitting. Sunglasses are mandatory for summer work, and it is also important to cover your neck with a light colored scarf or bandana.

Take Breaks

During the summer, construction companies should have locations throughout the work site that give workers cool shelter and offer cold water. Workers should be sure to drink cool liquids three to four times every hour and get out of the heat for a few minutes every hour.

Adjust Work Schedules 

In many parts of the country where it is hot all year round, construction companies start work very early in the morning and finish by early afternoon. When the summer rolls around, the areas of the country that are used to snowy winters should consider adjusting their work schedules to accommodate for the heat. The heat is at its worst just after noon on any given day, so it would be helpful to have work shifts call it quits for the day in the early afternoon.

Construction worker drinking a bottle of water.

Staying hydrated is an important part of summer safety for construction workers.

Avoid Sugar-Based Drinks

Construction workers sometimes feel that a cold soft drink is ideal for the hot summer sun, but this is far from the truth. Energy drinks and soft drinks are packed with sugar, and so are summer favorites such as lemonade and fruit punch drinks. Construction workers should avoid all sugary drinks during the summer work season and stick with drinking cold water throughout the work day.

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