How to Get Your Contractor’s License in Tennessee

In the state of Tennessee, general contractors and subcontractors in areas such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work must be licensed to bid or work on projects worth $25,000 or more. If a specialty contractor is acting as a subcontractor on a project, then he or she must be licensed if his or her part of the project is $25,000 or more. In the case of masonry subcontractors, their part of the project would need to be $100,000 or more to require a license. Since it sounds like contractors need to be licensed to do pretty much any type of construction project in Tennessee, it is important that contractors know the rules for being licensed in this state.

How to get a contractor's license

Tennessee is a growing state with plenty of construction opportunities.

License Testing

To be licensed, a contractor must have a Qualifying Agent (QA) take an exam that consists of a section dealing with business and law, and a second section dealing with specific trade questions. To pass the exam, the QA must pass the business and law sections. It is important to note that the license that is acquired after passing the test belongs to the entity that provided the financial statements that are submitted prior to the test. If the QA leaves the company, the license is still valid for the entity that sponsored the QA.

Anyone who is going to take a Tennessee contractor licensing test is encouraged to do prep work through an approved online educational organization. All of the books and test materials are provided prior to the test, and the online educational organization can help prepare the QA to take the test.

Required Materials Prior To Testing

Before an entity can be allowed to take the contractor licensing test in Tennessee, a certified financial statement prepared by a licensed accountant and a guaranty bond good for two years must be submitted. The state of Tennessee has very specific guidelines on what should be included in the financial statement, and the test cannot be taken until the financial statement has been approved.

How to get your contractor's license

The extensive process of applying to take the contractor licensing test in Tennessee will make passing the test that much more rewarding.

Submitting The Application And Fee

Once all of the materials have been submitted to the state and approved, the entity can then submit an application to take the test along with the fee. As of 2017, the fee to take any of the contractor licensing tests in Tennessee is $250. The application must be filled out completely and notarized before it can be submitted for consideration.

If there are any problems with your submissions, you might have to go through a board review before your application can be accepted. In Tennessee, contractors who submit complete packages that are absolutely correct do not have to go through a board review to take their licensing test.

If you want to prepare for your Tennessee contractor license test in a way that will help you earn your license, then start a course with PDH Contractors. When you utilize the online resources at PDH Contractors, you will get the review material and practice tests you need to learn exactly how to pass your licensing test. PDH Contractors will also provide you with industry information that you will need to make your contracting business successful throughout the state of Tennessee.


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