Another Upside to Drones: Improved Safety

Whenever an industry can use machines to do the dangerous work that humans were asked to do, it is going to create a safer work environment for everyone. Drones are becoming prominent in the construction industry because they offer higher productivity for lower costs. But as more construction companies start using drones and exploring the potential of drones in the construction industry, it is becoming apparent that drones also make a construction work place safer in many different ways.

Construction industry

Drones offer plenty of safety options to construction companies.

Seeing Problems Before They Create Injuries

Drones are being used to monitor the progress of jobs in ways that could never be done before. Thanks to the many different options for site monitoring that drones offer, safety officers can now see potentially dangerous working conditions developing before they become a problem. Drones can let project managers see where mistakes are being made on a project, and correct those mistakes before someone gets hurt.

Ensuring the Use of Safety Policies

Many construction accidents occur because workers do not use proper safety procedures, and job supervisors are unable to see workers taking part in dangerous activities. The overhead view a drone gives to a project supervisor is invaluable in monitoring workers to make certain that all safety policies are being followed.  The video collected by a drone can also be used in safety training classes to show workers how something should or should not be done to maximize safety.

Protecting Job Site Entrances

Surveillance cameras can help to prevent unauthorized parties from entering a job site, but drones can follow a possible intruder closely and warn site supervisors to impending danger. It is easy for site intruders to duck out of the way of surveillance cameras as they attempt to gain unauthorized access to a job site. But it is much more difficult to evade a drone, and the HD quality images a drone creates makes identifying unwanted visitors much easier.

Comprehensive Site Inspections

Overhead drone images offer insights into a project site that standard inspection processes cannot create. Workers and site planners can actually see overhead utility lines and any other potentially dangerous site element in real scale to the rest of the site. Drones make it easier to create a comprehensive site map prior to the start of a project, and that comprehensive map makes it easier to plan a safer project.

Construction industry

Drones can do the dangerous work on a construction site that used to be done by humans.

Structural Integrity

In many cases, existing structures need to be demolished from a site before new structures can be built. Demolition is a dangerous profession, and one of the most prevalent dangers is sending workers into an abandoned structure without knowing if the structure is truly safe or not. Drones can be used to look over an existing structure, determine the safest way to demolish the structure, and let project managers know if it is safe to send workers into the structure to begin demolition work.

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