What Kind of Education Do You Need to Be a Contractor in Florida?


There are numerous ways to meet the education/experience requirements to become a Florida contractor.

According to a report released by the University of Central Florida, construction in the state is predicted to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. That makes it a good time to get that contractor’s license and watch your business grow. Finding out the requirements to become a Florida contractor is a good start. Once a contractor is licensed, 14 hours of continuing education courses are required to renew the license. Finding a simple, economical way to comply with educational requirements through a preapproved contractor school avoids the stress of rushing at the last minute or having a license lapse.

License Types in Florida

There are two different types of contractor licenses offered in Florida. One is the registered license, which allows a contractor to work in a specific area in the state. A certificate of competency is required for this type of license. The other is the certified license. This type of license allows a contractor to work anyplace in Florida.

Education and/or Experience

In Florida, there are various ways to qualify for a contractor’s license, which must total four years in experience and/or education. Education can include four years at an accredited school of higher learning resulting in a degree that relates to the construction trade. This counts toward three years. Another year of employment in the construction trade in the category you are applying for is required to meet the four-year requirement.

Further Ways to Split Education and Experience

Four years combination of work and education can be split in several ways to qualify. One can be three years as a worker with at least one year employed as a foreman. You can have two years of college credits from an accredited school and combine that with working one year as a foreman and one year as a worker. The final way you can claim sufficient experience to qualify is if you have one year of college credits from an accredited school, two years experience as a worker and one year as a foreman.

Qualification for Military Veterans

In 2016, it became easier for military veterans to qualify to become licensed contractors. Now, military experience of up to three years can apply toward the four-year education/experience requirement, and their work while in the military does not have to be related to construction. Veterans who wish to apply for the waiver can submit this form, Veteran Fee Waiver and Military Service Verification Form. They are also required to complete a licensure application for the appropriate license.


Once licensed as a Florida contractor, 14 hours of continuing education is required every two years to maintain the license.

Becoming a Certified Contractor in Florida

Making sure you meet the requirements is necessary before taking the exam. When the exam has been successfully completed, the applicant must pay the fee and complete the application. Former military members or Florida National Guard members may apply for a waiver of the fee, reimbursement or a discount.

Becoming a Registered Contractor in Florida

Contractors in Florida may register as an individual, qualifying business or add a business if they are already registered. A certificate of competency is required in order to become registered. A background check and fingerprinting are required, as well as liability and property damage insurance in certain amounts. The board also requires a recent credit report to prove financial responsibility. Paying the fees and completing the application is required. As in all contractor licensing, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Continuing Education Through A Preapproved Contractor School

PDH Contractor Academy can make your relicensure every two years easier. With our correspondence course booklets, a contractor can read over course material, and pass the required 14 hours of study whenever it is convenient. PDH courses are preapproved by the licensing board in Florida and offer substantial savings when purchased as a bundle. Once the courses are successfully completed, we notify the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board and give the contractor a copy of the completion certificate. No matter where a contractor is located in the state of Florida, our courses can make license renewal easy. Start a course by clicking here.  Browse courses by state to see what other courses and states we cover.


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