What Are Some of the Topics Covered in Wisconsin Contractor School?

The laws in place for getting a contractor’s license in the state of Wisconsin are straightforward and easy to understand. In order to maintain a Wisconsin contractor’s license, a contractor must complete 12 hours of courses every two years. The content of those classes can help you to run your business, and they offer plenty of information on how to get a competitive advantage over other contractors in your area.

Contractor school

The state of Wisconsin has some straightforward but effective contracting licensing laws.

Two Types Of Licenses Required

In Wisconsin, any building contractor that wants to be able to obtain building permits for jobs must have both a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license, and a Dwelling Contractor license. The Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license is the one that requires the 12 hours of class work every two years to renew. The Dwelling Contractor license is a business license that only requires proof of insurance to renew. But if you want to be able to do full residential building work in Wisconsin, then you need to have both of these licenses in force.

Getting Your Dwelling Contractor Qualifier License

In order to get your Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license in Wisconsin, you must take the 12 hours of class material that are required of all contractors in the state. After you have completed your 12 hours, you can then apply to take the contractor qualifier examination. The classes for both obtaining your license and renewal can be taken online from a certified provider such as PDH Contractors.

Administrative Material

A significant part of the Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier course consists of administrative type information. These can be found in classes for licensing, certification, registration, administration, and building code enforcement policies. With this material, a contractor will know exactly what is expected of them in terms of administrative paperwork and compliance with the various building laws throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Legal Information

There is plenty of legal information in the Wisconsin classes that includes home improvement trade practices and information on the laws regarding worker’s compensation. This information is extremely critical in the proper administration of every aspect of residential home improvement and construction projects. The contractor will also learn about the basic requirements for worker’s compensation and how to keep their employees protected from potential injuries sustained on the job.

Safety Laws

OSHA safety laws are covered in one of the course sections, and this is essential information for a contractor to understand and use. While there is a basic overview of Wisconsin state safety laws involved in this coursework, the focus is on OSHA’s safety rules that have helped to save thousands of construction worker lives across the country. The contractor should also spend a little extra time with the state laws so those rules can also be added to the company’s safety policies.

Contractor school

Wisconsin requires two contractor licenses to be able to start projects, so be sure to get both.

Environmental Considerations

The final course material deals with the problems of soil erosion on job sites. There are many environmental issues to consider when dealing with erosion and soil issues on a construction job site, and this course section will help the contractor to understand the basic principles needed to abide by Wisconsin environmental laws.

If you need to take your courses for your Wisconsin contractor license, then start a course on PDH Contractors today. You can also utilize the PDH Contractors blog to stay up to date on the latest in construction news, innovations, and techniques.

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