Here’s Why You Need Green Building Contractor Classes in Oregon

Energy efficient construction methods are nothing new to the state of Oregon. For over a century, the many building trades throughout the state have been developing ways to save energy and help the environment while still supporting growth in Oregon.

That is why it is no surprise that there are continuing education courses for Oregon contractors that deal with the latest in green construction methods. The “Green Building for New Home Construction” course from PDH Contractors is an example of the type of ongoing environmentally conscious information Oregon contractors need to absorb to stay current on the needs of Oregon building customers.

Contractor classes

Oregon is a state that leads the way in green construction projects.

What Is in the Course?

This course covers all of the basics of green construction from terminology to construction methods. It also helps contractors to understand the different types of building materials that can be used in green construction and how materials can make a big difference in how a project affects the environment. This is a comprehensive course that shows Oregon contractors exactly how to alter their methods to fall in line with the newest green construction processes being used around the country.

What Is the Primary Goal of the Course?

Green construction is more than just using recycled building materials or cutting back on emissions from construction equipment. Good green construction consists of conserving natural resources, reducing the use of energy, and creating a higher quality living environment inside of the home. This course goes through a comprehensive process to show an Oregon contractor how to develop an all-around green construction policy.

How Long Does the Course Take?

This is a four-hour course that can be taken online through PDH Contractors.

The Benefits of Green Construction

Green construction has evolved over the years from a system that uses cast-off parts and low-grade materials to a process that employs the very best quality materials to get the best results. Green construction materials are now rated to offer higher performance benefits than standard materials, which increases the customer’s return on investment. This course also explains the “green points” system that shows a contractor how environmentally friendly a material or entire home is.

Contractor classes

In Oregon, using green construction methods helps attract more clients.

What Aspects of Construction Does the Course Cover?

The course discusses not only green materials and green construction methods, but it also gives in-depth information on how to incorporate green methods into the design process. After taking this course, the Oregon contractor will have a strong understanding of how to manage a green home construction project from beginning to end. The course also shows how the use of different types of standard materials can affect the environmentally friendly aspect of any construction project.

Oregon contractors are encouraged to start a course on green construction through PDH Contractors as soon as possible. This information will help contractors to stay updated on the latest in green construction methods, and it will also show how to educate clients on the importance of using materials and methods that preserve the environment. You can also browse the PDH Contractors website for other cutting-edge contracting information that will help to put your business ahead of the competition.

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