Florida Contractors: 4 Reasons You Need Continuing Education

Proactive Florida contractors know that it takes dedication and hard work to stay ahead of the competition in the residential and commercial construction fields. One of the ways that top Florida contractors stay ahead of the game is to constantly work on updating their education, but there are other reasons why continuing education is essential to every contractor in the state of Florida.

Keeping Your License

Each type of contractor license in the state of Florida has its own rules for when it expires. For example, asbestos abatement licenses expire at the end of November in even-numbered years.  For the most part, a contractor needs to renew their Florida contracting license every two years, and many of those licenses require a certain amount of hours of classroom work before the renewal test can be taken.

Even if your particular license does not require classroom work, you will still need to become familiar with the testing material if you want to pass the renewal test. Contractors who work without a valid license in the state of Florida are subject to fines that could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Along with the fines, you may be banned from getting a contractor license in the state of Florida for the rest of your life.

Be Updated On Safety And Construction Laws

The material you use to pass your Florida state contracting license renewal test only covers information specific to the state of Florida. Each year, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) releases new laws and guidelines that apply to job sites all over the country. As technology advances, OSHA works hard to keep up with safety needs by introducing new laws and safety guidelines.

Your continuing education efforts will help you to stay up to date on any OSHA changes, and help you to avoid and potential OSHA fines. Safety-conscious contractors also look at the new safety laws as a chance to improve working conditions for all of their field employees.

Learn The Latest Techniques

Technology is changing the construction industry at a rapid pace, and many of the new techniques and technologies being introduced could save your company a lot of money in production costs. By staying up to date on your continuing education, you will always know about new techniques and guidelines that your company can use to put more profit on your bottom line.

Monitor The Competition

Continuing education in the construction industry comes in many forms. One way to continue your education is to monitor the local news outlets to keep up with information about the competition. Not only could you learn a few new tricks from keeping an eye on the competition, but you can also find out ways to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

The best way to attend to your continuing education needs as a contractor in the state of Florida is to start a course today.


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