6 Construction Jobs in High Demand Through 2020

The construction industry is usually one of the barometers economists use to gauge the health of the overall economy. If the current economy is going to be judged by the construction industry, then things are looking pretty good.

The construction industry saw tremendous growth of 11 percent in 2015, but then things kind of tapered off to only one percent growth in 2016. However, new projections for 2017 show the construction industry rebounding to a growth level of five percent and a total value of $713 billion for the year. This means more projects will be starting up and more workers of all types will be needed. If President Trump’s immigration wall project is approved, the construction industry can expect these numbers to jump up significantly.

The good news for job seekers is that there is plenty of work to be found all over the country in construction. Whether you’re a skilled construction professional or someone just looking to get started in the industry, there is room for you to find the right job. Here are six construction-related jobs that are likely to remain in demand through 2020.

Construction jobs

Construction jobs should be plentiful over the next three years.


If you want to get your career in the construction industry started or if you have laborer experience you want to use to get a good job, then you are in luck. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry will add laborers at a rate of approximately 12.7 percent from 2017 to 2024. That means that approximately 150,000 new laborer positions will be opened around the country. If the immigration wall project is approved, that number could rise considerably in a very short period of time.

Laborer jobs are available at entry level positions and the median annual wage for a laborer is $31,910 per year. Union laborers can expect to have medical and other benefits, while some non-union shops also offer competitive compensation packages. People who want to work but lack the necessary experience can look into starting their career as a construction laborer in 2017.

Construction Manager

With more projects being started in 2017, there is an immediate need for qualified construction managers. The tasks assigned to a construction manager include hiring workers, getting job permits, update clients on project progress, schedule and administer walkthroughs for clients and inspectors, and take care of on-site issues. The construction manager works directly with the architect, engineer, and project manager to make sure the project is done on time and on budget.

A construction manager makes a median salary of $87,400 per year, and most construction companies require experience. You don’t need to be an architect or engineer to be a construction manager, but you do need to know what it takes to successfully run a construction project.


A glazier is the professional who cuts, fits, and installs all of the glass you see in a building. If you are currently not a glazier, it can be simple to take the necessary courses to learn the craft. A glazier works on all glass on the interior and exterior of a building and can work on any type of project.

You need to be certified as a glazier before a company will hire you, but the process is not difficult. The median salary for a glazier is $39,440 per year, and it is projected that the construction industry will need at least 1,900 new glaziers in the coming years.


One of the most dynamic areas for growth in the construction industry is in the mason field. Cement masons and concrete finishers are the professionals who create the foundations for almost every building and create all of the walkways a building needs as well. Masonry work requires teams of experienced people, and the growth in projects in the coming years means that there will be at least 20,300 jobs available in the masonry field.

The median annual salary for a mason is $37,740 per year. While most companies prefer masons who have completed an apprenticeship, most companies will hire willing people who are able to perform the physically demanding work. There is no classroom training to be a mason as all of the training is on-the-job.


The world always needs more plumbers, and that is especially true in the coming years in the construction industry. It is projected that there will be a need for at least 49,100 new plumbers in the next few years, and any ambitious person who wants to complete an apprenticeship and become a master plumber will make an excellent career for themselves.

The median annual salary for a plumber is $50,620, but that includes the master plumbers making six figures each year. Anyone interested in becoming a plumber should take a training course and then get involved in an apprenticeship. It takes a few years to become a master plumber, but it is a lucrative and rewarding career.

Construction jobs

Now is the time to advance your construction career.


Being a commercial painter can be one of the easiest fields to get an entry level job and start a good career. The pay in the painting field is not quite as lucrative as the skilled professions, but the work is steady and the opportunities to start your own business are always there.

The median pay for a commercial painter is $36,580 per year, and you can expect the entry level positions to start at a much lower rate. But if you can show that you are a reliable worker who learns quickly on the job, then you can easily create a stable career for yourself as a commercial painter.

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