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5 Great Boots for Construction Workers

Boots make or break the workday. Safety regs mean they must meet certain requirements, but a safe boot isn’t always a comfortable one. What’s more, a great pair of boots isn’t defined the same way by every person. That’s why there’s no such thing as the best pair of work boots. The best depends on […]

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BOLI to hold 3 free PWR survey workshops

It’s that time again, and every contractor in Oregon is required to take part. If you received your BOLI Construction Industry Occupational Wage Survey in July, the September deadline for submission is quickly drawing near. Thankfully, there’s a free workshop that’s designed to help. Although the survey is a public service, and one that keeps […]

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Minnesota Construction Licensing Fees Reduced

  On July 1, 2015, Minnesota state construction codes licensing fees went in a direction that everyone appreciated – they went down. It’s fairly common for any fees to adjust periodically, since there are so many different factors at stake. General inflation alone is a major one. But it’s not very common for a fee, […]

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