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How to Analyze the Data from Your Drone

The construction industry is falling madly in love with drones for a lot of reasons. Drones can get data that previous collection methods could never get, and drones can offer views of a project that were impossible in the past. Drones can also help a construction company to collect more data for less cost, which […]

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9 Facts Contractors Should Know About Drones

Drones are used increasingly in construction projects and can make the project go faster and reduce injuries to employees. They can also provide video reports for the project timeline and improve efficiency. Time-saving measures are important to contractors, and taking required continuing education courses for relicensing can also be done in a way that saves […]

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4 Tips for Using Drones for Construction Planning

Drone technology is evolving fast and giving construction companies plenty of new ways to more efficiently plan projects. The high overhead view of a construction site can be beneficial in many ways, but it was impractical to get consistent images that could be properly used in the planning process. Thanks to drones, construction companies can […]

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